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The Locum Tenens blog is your source for the latest news and information pertaining to the medical profession. We provide a wealth of locum tenens online resources for physicians, providers, healthcare facilities and staffing firms.

We publish content from trusted contributors — you will read the latest news from healthcare writers and physicians, who we believe provide a unique perspective on the policies and procedures that affect locum tenens physicians.

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  • 8 Reasons Physicians Choose Locums
    With it's increasing popularity, majority of physicians either know someone who's worked locums or worked alongside a locum tenens physician. Why is it, then, that many still aren't aware of...
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  • Volunteer Opportunities for Locum Physicians
    Altruistic by nature, physicians often give back, both professionally and personally, in various ways throughout their careers. Locum tenens physician are in a unique position to take part in volunteer...
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