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Locums Tax Tips For The 2014 Tax Season

Tax season tends to bring on the groaning, moaning, and uh-oohing for many employed individuals. But don’t let this For season spook you! Did you know that as a locum tenens physician, not only do you get great pay, but you also receive great tax benefits? To ensure proper and stress-free tax filing, cheap NBA…
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10 Most Walkable Cities For Locums Providers

Walking and biking to work is an easy season way to boost your energy levels, burn some calories, and increase your stamina. Yet, certain larger cities are spread too far meaning commuters must drive, wait at bus stops, or ride in stinky cabs. Yet, some cities are seeing the potential cheap jerseys benefits of a…
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Giving Patients Online Access to Lab Results: A Good Idea?

By: Dr. Ken Teufel Traditionally, physicians have been the first to see their patient’s laboratory test results. The patient usually comes into up the office for a follow-up appointment at which time the doctor explains the lab results, putting them into the context of the patient’s health condition. But what if the patient had immediate…
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