Monthly Archives: July 2014

Marketability & The Locum Tenens Physician

Maybe you're a skilled locums provider with years among years of medical experience. Or, maybe you are a recent graduate with top-notch textbook knowledge and hands-on residency practice. No matter if you have 0 or 15 years of medical practice, there i€™s a perfect locum tenens opportunity waiting for you. However, if you are on…
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Part 2. Engaging The Unengaged Patient

The healthcare industry is facing a dilemma: how to actively and effectively engage patients. A recent blog post – Part 1. The Unengaged Patient and The Patient Engagement Concept — details the struggles facilities, physicians, and public-health officials face in terms of patient engagement. With the roll-out of a relatively new concept called patient engagement, goals and…
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Paradoxical Answer To The Physician Work-Life Balance Struggle

Recent findings suggest a paradoxical answer to the physician work-life balance struggle.  Physicians work long weeks, often more than double a normal 40-hour work week.  Accordingly, it would come as no surprise that when a shift ends, a physician is anxiously awaiting the chance to go home. Conversely, if just a few minutes more were…
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