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Thinking of Trying Locum Tenens? Recruiters Look for These 5 Qualities

By: Claire Cavanaugh In healthcare, building relationships is a key component of successfully providing care. And just like it is essential for providers to build relationships with their patients, it is crucial for recruiters to build relationships with their locum tenens providers. Strong recruiter-provider connections lead to smoother job searches, easier transitions into new jobs,…
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Reasons To Choose Locum Tenens As a Career

By: Troy Diffenderfer It’s no secret that the country is in need of physicians. As the population continues to grow, more and more people will be looking for medical care and that will cause a growing need for competent medical professionals. Many medical professionals will choose locum tenens as a career for a variety of…
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Making Healthcare More Accessible: The Intersection of Locum Tenens and Telemedicine

By: Dr. Robert Moghim One of the most exciting developments in modern healthcare is telemedicine which enables providers to effectively engage and monitor patients through telephone and video conferencing. Telemedicine promises to revolutionize much of the healthcare industry in the coming years, but could be especially important for specialists in the locum tenens field. A…
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