3 Common Locums Gripes And How To Fix Them

3 Common Locums Gripes And How To Fix Them

Choosing your own schedule, traveling and getting to experience different healthcare facility settings are all wonderful benefits of choosing to be a locum tenens physician. But, everyone has a few gripes about their career. In an effort to help locums physicians to be more satisfied by their experience and facilities to get their best return on using locum tenens physicians, here are three of the top locums complaints:

1. Patients are unaware that they will not being seeing their “normal” doctor. Patients can understandably become frustrated if their familiar physician of years is suddenly on leave and no notice was given to them about the “changing of the guard” at their appointment. Communication from the facility to the patient about the locum tenens physician seeing and treating them can make the appointments and interaction better on both ends.

2. No orientation. If a physician is not given the proper guidance as to procedures at a particular facility, he or she may not become acclimated to the particular facility in a timely way. Facilities can provide a quick orientation for locums so that the locums can be most dynamic and hit the ground running once shifts are picked up.

3. Being underutilized. Locums physicians are here to help your facility and lower the patient load. Make sure that you’re using the locum tenens physician or locums midlevel to the best extent. Examine your facility to see where the locums physician is absolutely needed. Next, figure out precisely what you want to use this locums for because explicit instructions are vital for locums. It can help locums to better understand their role.

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