3 Obamacare Rumors Explained

As Obamacare’s marketplace opens up in the coming months, people have heard a variety of claims and rumors circulating among the public.  Here are three of the rumors and the truth (or falsity) behind them.

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  1. Claim: 8.2 million Americans can’t find full-time work due to Obamacare. The argument, made by the Republican National Committee, makes a broad assumption that all 8.2 million Americans working part-time cannot find full-time jobs.  In reality, some of the part-time workers may strictly want part-time jobs.  Furthermore, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports show that there are not only are there fewer part-time workers today than in 2010, when the law was passed, but the number has been consistently decreasing since the inception of Obamacare. These statistics can lead to the conclusion that the law hasn’t actually swayed the number of part-time laborers.
  2. Claim: 8.5 million Americans will receive rebates this year averaging about $100 each because of the healthcare law. The ACA commands insurers to devote at least 80 percent of premium income on care. If insurers don’t, they are required to reimburse policyholders the difference. But, the Obama administration is being deceitful by saying 8.5 million Americans will get rebates because in reality, this money will go to a person’s employer.  That employer can spend the money however they see fit.
  3. Claim: If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.  The law won’t force anyone to change doctors or policies, but, your doctor may not be covered by your new plan.

To learn more, click here. (Kaiser Health News)

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