3 Ways to Use Social Media for Career Success

3 Ways to Use Social Media for Career Success

As a locum tenens physician, you may have different specialties that allow you to work at a local facility across town or 3000 miles away. Whether you’ve had one locums assignment or many, connecting with colleagues you’ve worked with, facilities you’ve provided care for, and recruiters that helped land you a job can enhance your professional career and social image!

Here are three ways that locum tenens physicians can use social media for career success:

Join a Social Community

The very essence of social media stems from belongingness. Social communities are formed with like-minded individuals who have common interests and skills. If you are on LinkedIn, join professional groups like Locum Tenens Professionals or medical communities. These groups deliver industry news, advice, and commentary. Some groups have a couple hundred to thousands of members allowing you to form connections across the world.

Use Social Media for Research

Maybe you’re wanting to learn more about a specific specialty or work at a new facility. Social networking sites give you the opportunity to research and connect with doctors or hospital employees. Once connected or friended, you can ask questions about the facility, city, or specialty. Don’t forget to connect with recruiters too who can help link you to a locums job!

Learn, Learn, Learn

You can enhance your knowledge and continue learning with social media. Sign up for industry newsletters, follow healthcare blogs and bloggers, or listen to a podcast. Social networking sites and platforms provide you with the most up-to-date articles, industry trends, and news in your specialty as well as locum tenens.

Can you think of other ways that social media can aid in your professional success?

P.S. Don’t forget to have fun with social media! During the day, take a short break and browse Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Chat with loved ones, browse funny pictures, physician tips, or trending articles shared amongst friends or bloggers.

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