7 TED Talks Every Provider Should Know

7 TED Talks Every Provider Should Know

By spreading ideas through 2,000+ short, powerful talks, TED covers a number of topics in more than 100 languages, including leading views on healthcare and medicine. Offering a wide spectrum of concepts and opinions from seven unique, respected speakers, we have collected a list of thought-provoking healthcare-related TED Talks every provider should pay attention to.

1. How Do We Heal Medicine? Surgeon Atul Gawande discusses how doctors have lost their core focus and proposes that by looking at different ways to “do medicine” we can fix the current crack in the system.

2. A Doctor’s Touch Physician Abraham Verghese discusses the loss of human touch and personal relationships between patients and physicians, and why we should return to the traditional one-on-one physical examination.

3. Health Care Should Be A Team Sport Eric Dishman, a social scientist, uses personal experience and expertise to suggest why putting the patient at the center of a treatment team is the best step in reinventing health care.

4. Let’s Talk About Dying Peter Saul, an emergency doctor, poses two big questions to help start the difficult conversation of dying and urges his audience to think outside the modern model of death as we know it.

5. His and Hers…Healthcare Paula Johnson explains the different ways males and females respond to treatment and why lumping everyone together is a disservice to women’s health.

6. Doctors Make Mistakes. Can We Talk About That? Physician Brian Goldman discusses medicine’s culture of denial and shame and calls on doctors to start openly talking about being wrong.

7. What Doctors Don’t Know About the Drugs They Prescribe Ben Goldacre advises why frequently unreported negative and inconclusive results of new drugs tests and trials are misleading, dangerous, and leave doctors in the dark.

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