8 Signs You Work In A Hospital

8 Signs You Work In A Hospital

This BuzzFeed list gave us a good laugh this week and we decided it was too amusing not to share.  Working in a hospital can be stressful, but, it’s always good to know that other physicians and healthcare providers feel your same pain.  Here are 10 signs that you work in a hospital:

1. Hand Sanitizer- Your hands always have that minty smell and a layer of residue from hand sanitizer.

2. Supermarket loudspeakers are completely daunting.  Why? They can sound oddly similar to a patient coding.

3.  Your business friends may have snow days for bad weather; but, hospitals don’t take a day off for weather.

4. You’re never on time for ANYTHING.  Ask your wife, husband, friends and family, it’s just a known side effect.

5. You’ve seen it all.  Patients with strange things that end up inside of them, crazy families and everything else, you’ve been there and seen that.

6.  You completely ignore fire alarms.

7.  While the gym may relax some people, you are consistently frightened of the germs that undoubtedly haunt every weight and machine.

8. You know how to correctly sneeze.

To read more, click here. (Buzz Feed)

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