The Art of Delivering Bad News

The Art of Delivering Bad News

Breaking bad news is never easy. It is a difficult task that can take it's toll on a physician and requires a thick skin to be able to leave those feelings at the hospital once your shift ends.

Shock. Silence. Tears. Anger. These are all things a doctor can expect to experience over the course of their career and the many times they will be required to relay less than happy news to a patient or their loved ones.

While the job of delivering bad news can be difficult, there are certain things you can do to help offer some relief to your patient.

Avoiding medical jargon and keeping the news brief are both ways you can help your patient process what you have just told them before you provide them with a game plan.

There are several other things you can keep in mind while breaking bad news. Visit AllPhysicianJobs to read the full list.

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