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Dr. Ken’s Corner: Errors in Diagnosis: Under the Microscope

By: Dr. Ken Teufel “A patient with abdominal pain dies from a ruptured appendix after a doctor fails to do a complete exam.  A biopsy comes back positive for prostate cancer, but no one follows up when the lab result gets misplaced. A child’s fever and rash are diagnosed as a viral illness, but they…
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Dr. Ken’s Corner: Demand for Medical Scribes Growing Rapidly

By: Dr. Ken Teufel “Making physicians into secretaries is not a winning proposition,” says Dr. Christine Sinsky, a primary care physician in Dubuque, Iowa. The demands of entering data into a computer while talking to and examining a patient has been shown to be a major source of physician dissatisfaction, according to a study published…
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Dr. Ken’s Corner: Doors Closing to Drug Reps

By. Dr. Ken Teufel Drug reps are worried. For good reason. In 2013, 45% of U.S. physicians limited pharmaceutical drug reps’ access to their offices, according to sales and marketing consultant ZS Associates. This is up from 35% in 2012 and 23% in 2008.  For a variety of reasons, this trend is likely to continue:…
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Dr. Ken’s Corner: An Epidemic of Physician Burnout: Myth or Reality?

By: Dr. Ken Teufel Talk about physician burnout is rampant. Yet a majority of 4,600 physicians surveyed by Medscape say they’re generally happy with their lives.  Nearly 75% of doctors, whether self-employed or employed by others, expressed overall satisfaction with their work-life balance and income.  Twenty percent were “neutral” while only 8% of employed doctors…
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Dr. Ken’s Corner: Hanging Up The Stethoscope: Retirement

By: Dr. Ken Teufel Which is more difficult: taking away Grandma’s car keys or telling a doctor he’s “too old” to practice medicine anymore? Should there be a mandatory retirement age for physicians as there is for commercial airline pilots? The physician workforce is America is not getting any younger; in fact, it’s getting older. A…
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Dr. Ken’s Corner: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

“If I don’t do this test and something goes wrong, how do I defend myself?” We’ve all done it: ordered certain tests or procedures, many quite expensive, “just in case.” The fear and threat of a malpractice claim is probably the main driver of “unnecessary” testing, oftentimes to simply document what we already know and…
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Dr. Ken’s Corner: Has the Power of the Bedside Exam Been Forgotten?

By: Dr. Ken Teufel There was a time when the doctor’s black bag, filled with its assortment of diagnostic tools, was indispensable. It was a time when medicine was “high touch, low tech.” Today, the reverse is true. Too many of us have abandoned the thorough bedside examination in favor of sending the patient off…
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Dr. Ken’s Corner: Physician Online Ratings: Good or Bad?

By: Dr. Ken Teufel It seems like everyone is looking over your shoulder these days. Patients, hospital administrators, private insurance companies, licensing boards, government insurers (not to mention your fellow physicians). If you haven’t done so already (but I’ll bet you have) Google search yourself and your practice. You’re likely to find very few physician…
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Dr. Ken’s Corner: Medical Care and the Elderly: When Less is Better

By: Dr. Ken Teufel Except in a few specialties, most physicians provide care for an increasingly older population. Because geriatric training in our medical schools is still on the ‘back burner,’ it’s an area prone to mistakes and errors of judgment. Here are five recently published recommendations from the American Geriatric Society that just may…
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