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Green Looks Good on You

When it comes to “going green” and reducing your carbon footprint, there are many things you can do at home, such as adjusting the thermostat, combining errands to reduce drive-time, recycling, and buying locally grown food. However, frequently being on the road as a locum tenens provider can make being environmentally conscious seem like a…
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The Future of Healthcare (Infographic)

As discussed earlier this month in “DIY Health Care”, the presence of technology in regards to healthcare and medicine has continued to grow. By 2016, it is estimated that nearly 5 million patients will use remote health monitoring devices and 3 million will use remote monitoring via smartphone application, resulting in a huge spike in…
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Bring Your Pet With You On Your Next Locums Assignment!

A locum tenens assignment can sometimes be lonely if you are practicing out of state away from family members, friends, and colleagues. So a furry tail, friendly paw shake, or scaly critter may be exactly what you need to put a smile on your face after a long, rigorous day dealing with patients and paperwork.…
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The Dos and Don’ts of Bedside Manner (Infographic)

Last month, we touched on why bedside manner is so important and how you can improve your style of care in “Bedside Manner: Why It’s Important and How You Can Improve”. One of the biggest factors that affect patient-physician relationships is how doctors communicate with their patients. Being mindful of and improving upon how you…
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Locum Tenens as the Solution to Physician Burnout

Naturally, physicians have a strong desire to help people, as this is typically what drives them to choose the career path they do. Studies have shown that U.S. employees have increased their level of workplace engagement from years past, which may seem like an excellent thing, however, often times for physicians and other healthcare providers,…
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Making a Hotel A Home On Any Assignment

As a locum tenens provider, you may feel like you are constantly on the go. Frequent travel can be destabilizing and lead to greater stress levels, poor eating habits, and disruptive sleeping patterns. A simple way to combat this is by bringing along different elements of your home life to create a more welcoming environment.…
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DIY Health Care

Mobile health apps are increasingly becoming a regular part of care, and a number of clinicians believe that mobile apps will become essential for patient health management in the years to come. In response to the public’s ever-growing desire for convenience, technology companies are creating intuitive mobile medical devices and smartphone apps that have the…
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Wagging Tails May Reduce Stress for Locums

Imagine sitting in an airport, ready to board a plane to your next locum tenens assignment in a new city. You may be a little nervous or anxious of the unknown that awaits, or you may just be bored and looking for a way to kill time. Well, the next time you’re waiting to catch…
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National Health Center Week 2015: Health Care for the Homeless

As we continue to celebrate National Health Center Week 2015 we specifically acknowledge Health Care for the Homeless (HCH). National Health Center Week recognizes and celebrates the opportunities that Health Centers provide, while Health Care for the Homeless Day specifically celebrates HCH Projects. Annually, Health Centers serve over 20 million people nationally, and work hard…
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