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Making Healthcare More Accessible: The Intersection of Locum Tenens and Telemedicine

By: Dr. Robert Moghim One of the most exciting developments in modern healthcare is telemedicine which enables providers to effectively engage and monitor patients through telephone and video conferencing. Telemedicine promises to revolutionize much of the healthcare industry in the coming years, but could be especially important for specialists in the locum tenens field. A…
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How the Stark Law Could Affect the Locum Tenens Market

By: Dr. Robert Moghim As part of the 1989 Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, the Stark I provision barred physicians from making referrals which enriched themselves. Originally pertaining to clinical laboratory services, the Stark Law has been expanded over the years to include many other services. In 1993, Congress formally broadened this law through the Stark…
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The Love-Hate Relationship Between Hospitals and Locum Tenens

By: Dr. Robert Moghim Securing personnel for a hospital or managed care organization can be a difficult and involved process that takes months.  For many of the administrators of these medical organizations the stopgap solution for these vacancies is locum tenens staffing agencies which can provide the physicians, advanced practice providers or allied health professionals…
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Predicting Growth in Healthcare Staffing Segments

By: Jim Chandler, President & CFO, Onyx M.D. The medical staffing industry has experienced robust growth since the 1970’s, and this pace has only strengthened in recent years.  According to Staffing Industry Analysts, the healthcare staffing market grew by six percent in 2014 and is expected to exceed seven percent growth in 2015 to reach…
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4 Reasons Why Doctors are Leaving the Profession

By: Dr. Robert Moghim If you are considering quitting the medical profession, then you may take some comfort in the knowledge that a large number of America’s physicians considering the same thing.  While job burnout is a factor in any profession, it is has become a serious issue in the medical profession as long hours, undersized…
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6 Key Factors Drastically Increasing the Utilization of Locum Tenens

By: Dr. Robert Moghim If you have ever thought, “What are we going to do if Dr. So & So retires or leaves our community?” this article pertains to you and offers a solution.  An overwhelmingly large number of groups and healthcare delivery systems are finding themselves in this very predicament. It’s a complex and…
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