Billing for Locum Tenens

As the need for locum tenens physicians increases, it is becoming more important for health care facilities to understand how to properly bill for locum tenens services. Professional and facility fee billing has become increasingly complex. Here are some helpful links containing infographics, whitepapers, and quick tips to ensure a return on investment for locum tenens services.

Maximize your ROI on locum tenens physicians

1. Plan ahead: the more time given to find a physician, the more likely an agency will provide the right physician for the facility

2. Training/Orientation: Provide training for the locum tenens physician to ensure more time is spent with patients rather than learning the facility’s processes

3. Scheduling: Many locum tenens physicians have multiple assignments and agencies working with them, make sure to communicate and book the physician in advance and on days they are most needed

4. Billing: Know the difference between billing methods

  • Billing using permanent doctors provider numbers: A health care facility can bill for locum tenens services using a permanent doctor’s provider numbers if the locum tenens physician is filling in for a physician that is on vacation, sabbatical, maternity or any absence for up to 60 continuous days
  • Billing using locum tenens provider numbers: If a health care facility is recruiting or covering peaks of patient volume, the locum tenens physician is not “holding one’s place”, as the term locum tenens alludes to. Therefore it is necessary that the locum tenens physician become credentialed with the specific payor mix

Valuable reasons to use locum tenens physicians

  • Produce revenue and profits
  • Improve continuity of patient care
  • Retain patient volumes
  • Limit burnout with existing staff members
  • Maintain physician retention
  • Lower liability risk
  • Obtain higher patient satisfaction