Busy Physicians: You, Too, Can Make Time For Vacation

Busy Physicians: You, Too, Can Make Time For Vacation

As a busy physician, life can get pretty hectic at times. During peak busier seasons at your private practice or hospital group, you've probably thought to yourself, "Wow, I could really use a vacation." However, many physicians avoid taking time off.

In fact, a recent study found that only 45% of Americans use all of their paid time off. This could be for reasons such as not wanting to return to a mountain of work, or worry that no one else can do their job.

While these worries are valid, taking the time to recharge and unwind is worth it overall. In addition to reducing stress and depression, vacations can also strengthen personal relationships with friends and loved ones.

So how can a busy physician like you make time for vacation? Visit Physicians Practice to see how you can remove the phrase "I'm too busy to take a vacation," from your vocabulary and take that vacation you deserve.

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