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Choosing the Right Locum Tenens Agency

With the locum tenens industry's continued growth and success, many physicians are making the switch and enjoying the many benefits of working locums. This also means that there are more and more locum tenens agencies now to choose from than ever. Not all agencies, however, are created equal. Choosing a locum tenens agency to work…
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The Rise of Retail Clinics and Effects on the ER

Shorter wait times, walk-ins welcome, and easy acceptance of Medicare are just a few perks of retails clinics. Springing up in CVSs, Walgreens's, and Walmarts all across the country, these clinics were predicted to hugely cut down on costly ER visits. The idea is that patients are able to turn to these clinics for minor…
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The 12 Ways to Health Holiday Song

You've probably heard the popular holiday song┬áThe Twelve Days of Christmas, and have even gotten it stuck in your head a time or two. Now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released their own spin on the classic called The 12 Ways to Health. Take a moment between shifts to visit the…
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