Locum Tenens Physicians Can Make a Difference in the Developing World

Locum Tenens Physicians Can Make a Difference in the Developing World

By: Dr. Ken Teufel

Greetings from Laos!

No, Interim Physicians is not setting up a branch in Southeast Asia. I’m here to help establish a four to six-week study abroad course for U.S. medical students. You may be aware of the unprecedented growth of global health studies in many of our medical schools. My own alma mater, the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, has a well-established global health track that includes required study in developing countries. Duke and the University of Washington (among others) have similar programs.

Of course, interest in spending some time in developing countries is not limited to medical students. Physicians just out of residency training as well as those in established practices are now working abroad for weeks or months, sometimes several times a year. A number of non-government organizations offer such opportunities in Asia, Africa, South and Central America.

Just complete your residency? Why not integrate short-term service abroad with assignments from Interim Physicians when you’re here at home? Already in a practice commitment? Ask Interim Physicians to cover your practice until you get back with a locum tenens physician.

“Making a difference” in the developing world has never been easier.

About the author: Dr. Ken Teufel is the medical director at Interim Physicians, a pioneer locum tenens physician staffing firm based in St. Louis, MO that has provided quality physician coverage to hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities since 1979.

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