Fit Fashion: Health Wearables (Infographic)

Fit Fashion: Health Wearables (Infographic)

From fitness bands to smart watches, wearable technology has taken the market by storm, and its popularity is only projected to continue to skyrocket. In fact, 2014 saw a 684% increase in its first half alone! While consumers are purchasing these devices at rapid rates, they aren’t the only ones going crazy for these contraptions. Physicians, hospitals, and insurance companies alike all seem to have jumped on the bandwagon, after seeing the potential for managing chronic illnesses, improving patient fitness, and overall reducing healthcare costs.

Recently developed wearables include a smart bra that monitors breast health via sensors embedded in the bra to keep track of the conditions and rhythms in the breast tissue and alert the possibility of cancer, a knee brace device that gives the stability of a brace but is embedded with electrodes that track information accessed through a companion app, and contact lenses that can measure glucose levels present in a person's tears and transmit the information wirelessly to a connected smartphone.

It truly is a fascinating time we live in, and it is exciting to see where wearable healthcare devices will take us in the future. The creators at CDW Healthcare CommunIT have organized an infographic offering a comprehensive look at why high sales are just the beginning of the future of wearable devices.


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