Green Looks Good on You

Green Looks Good on You

When it comes to “going green” and reducing your carbon footprint, there are many things you can do at home, such as adjusting the thermostat, combining errands to reduce drive-time, recycling, and buying locally grown food. However, frequently being on the road as a locum tenens provider can make being environmentally conscious seem like a challenge. Here are a few things you can do in preparing for and while on your assignment to reduce your impact.

Before you leave home, unplug electronics, adjust your thermostat, turn your water heater down, and suspend newspaper delivery. You may also want to consider calling ahead or searching online to find where to purchase locally grown goods in your new destination.

While booking a flight, talk to your locum tenens agency about booking a direct flight. Planes use more fuel during take offs and landing than when they are flying, so by booking a direct flight you are helping reduce fuel usage. Better yet, if your destination is drivable, elect to take your own car instead of flying. Typically, a locum tenens agency will even reimburse you for your mileage! If you must fly, when arranging for your car rental, choose a hybrid or the smallest car you can. If your assignment is located in an urban area or close to where you’ll be staying, consider walking or biking. In addition to lots of fresh air and exercise, you’ll be making a great impact on reducing your carbon footprint.

Many hotels are now selecting greener methods. Popular hotels, such as Holiday Inn, Marriott, Embassy Suites, and Hilton are just a few environmentally-friendly properties that have established programs to save water, save energy, and reduce solid waste. Discuss booking your stay at one of these hotels with your locum tenens agency. For a full listing of green hotels, click here.

During your stay, opt to have your bed changed just once a week and hang towels to dry for more than a single use to cut down on use of water and electricity. When you check in, ask how the hotel recycles paper, cans, plastic, and glass and how you can support these efforts. When you leave your room for the day, turn off the heat or A/C, lights, and television.

While on you assignment, include a reusable water bottle and coffee cup in your supply pack. This simple action helps save several plastic bottles and paper coffee cups over the course of a day. And as always, make sure to use recycling bins for items that need to be tossed.

By planning ahead and following these easy tips, you’ll be on your way to providing high quality care with a low carbon footprint.

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