How to Find a Reliable Locums Recruiting Agency

How to Find a Reliable Locums Recruiting Agency

Searching for a new locums job or opportunity can be difficult and intimidating. There are hundreds of job listings in numerous cities across the country. So, where do you start?

A recruiting agency can be a valuable companion in a job search for any traveling healthcare professional. Recruiting agencies help provide you with career opportunities, resources, and education needed to be successful in the mobile workforce industry.

Here’s some advice on what to look for in a reliable locums recruiting agency:

  1. Look for an agency with a solid and worthy reputation.

Check out the company’s website for testimonials. Search for online reviews from other physicians. Or, get a referral from a locums colleague or facility who has used a staffing agency before.

  1. Research, research, research.

Visit the company website and read about their history. Are they actively engaged on social media? Do they cater to specific specialties? How many jobs do they have open?

  1. Contact a recruiter.

Ask about the benefits the agency offers. How does credentialing work? When do you get a paycheck? Is travel costs and housing covered during your assignment?

  1. Spot red flags.

During the conversation with a recruiter, listen to offerings too good to be true in regards to pay and benefits. An example of this is tax-free compensation.

  1. Make sure your future recruiter is professional and accessible.

Your recruiter will be your trustful guide during your career search. They should always be honest, upfront, and prompt. You should always have access to your recruiter by phone, email, or in person.

  1. Make sure you are TOP-PRIORITY.

The best recruiters and agencies may not check-up on you 24/7, but they will always assist you in attaining your career goals and overcoming obstacles like state licensing.

If you’ve followed these pieces of advice, you are well on your way to forming a trusting and suitable relationship with a recruiter and recruiting agency for any locums assignment!

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