Is Dr. Barbie An Accurate Representation of Today’s Doctor?

Is Dr. Barbie An Accurate Representation of Today’s Doctor?

Many of you can probably remember playing with Barbies as a child. You may even have children of your own now who have taken up your love of Barbies and the many hats she wears: teacher, astronaut, dog-walker, doctor -- the list goes on and on.

The latest doctor Barbie forgoes the traditional reflex hammer and microscope for something a little more current: a laptop. And the accuracy in this switch is spot on with many doctors today spending a significant amount of time typing on a keyboard during, between, and after seeing patients.

Having computers play such a large role in medicine has certainly come with  many advantages, like improved knowledge sharing between physicians and between physicians and patients and allowing certain safety protections, reminders, and guidelines that allow for better patient care.

However, it has also created a larger burden for physicians and advanced practitioners who struggle to keep up with its increasing demands, resulting in dwindling face-time with patients.

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