Locum Tenens and the Quadruple Aim

Locum Tenens and the Quadruple Aim

For years, health systems and facilities have accepted what's known as the "Triple Aim" as the benchmark for care: enhancing the patient experience, improving population health, and reducing costs. More recently, the "Triple Aim" has evolved into the "Quadruple Aim," with added emphasis on physician and staff wellness and satisfaction.

Achieving the Quadruple Aim, however, isn't easy, and is only successful if there's cooperation from all sides: physicians with a commitment to improved patient care and communication, administrators that focus on cost, coordination of care that creates a healthy environment for employees, and patients that are willing to take care of themselves and follow treatment plans.

But where do locum tenens physicians fit into this equation? While thousands of physicians work as locum tenens each year, they are often still viewed as outsider physicians who have no commitment to larger objectives of facilities or health systems.

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