Locum Tenens as the Solution to Physician Burnout

Locum Tenens as the Solution to Physician Burnout

Naturally, physicians have a strong desire to help people, as this is typically what drives them to choose the career path they do. Studies have shown that U.S. employees have increased their level of workplace engagement from years past, which may seem like an excellent thing, however, often times for physicians and other healthcare providers, they can become so involved in their work that they have little time for anything else in their lives. This can often lead to physicians who feel “burned out” by their careers. In fact, an alarming 46% of physicians have experienced physician burnout, especially those working in critical care or emergency medicine.  It’s a sad day when a physician becomes so overwhelmed they consider leaving medicine totally. Thankfully, locum tenens services can provide a remedy.

Locum tenens is a simple solution to combat physician burnout, and gives over-worked physicians the balance they are looking for.

By offering a number of different length assignments, locum tenens can help physicians establish boundaries in their careers. Whether it is for a weekend or a few months, locums allows physicians to practice medicine knowing they may have a well-deserved break after their temporary assignment is finished.

Locums jobs also allow for more time spent with family. Instead of worrying about management, employees, or meeting certain regulations, locum tenens providers can take on assignments that cater to their schedule to truly create a perfect work-life balance. They are able to focus on providing care rather than the bureaucracy and politics surrounding the business of medicine. While some assignments may take a provider out of the state or away from their family, overall, many providers would say the tradeoff is worth it. Instead of constantly having your mind elsewhere, like on your practice, you can truly enjoy your time off without distractions. Without other things tugging on the back of your mind, your loved ones will appreciate your mindful presence.

Of course, locum tenens may not be every physician’s cup of tea, however, if you are a physician experiencing physician burnout or simply looking for a change, locum tenens may be the perfect fit for you.

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