Locum Tenens A Viable Option For Senior Physicians

Locum Tenens A Viable Option For Senior Physicians

As seasoned physician who's seen it all, you now have the opportunity to give back to your community in a new way and act as a mentor. Many senior physicians are not quite ready to retire from practicing medicine, but want to scale down work hours and ease into full retirement. Locum tenens gives you that opportunity.

If you're a physician nearing retirement, locum tenens assignments are an excellent option and lets you enjoy more reasonable hours and continue doing what you love while allowing time for other things, like traveling, spending time with family, or taking up a new hobby.

The AMA Senior Physicians Group and National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations (NALTO) both provide voluntary opportunities for physicians.

To find out why more and more physicians nearing retirement are choosing locum tenens, visit the American Medical Association (AMA).

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