Making a Hotel A Home On Any Assignment

Making a Hotel A Home On Any Assignment

As a locum tenens provider, you may feel like you are constantly on the go. Frequent travel can be destabilizing and lead to greater stress levels, poor eating habits, and disruptive sleeping patterns. A simple way to combat this is by bringing along different elements of your home life to create a more welcoming environment.

Though your geographic location may change often, the connections you make are always with you. Locum tenens work provides the opportunity to travel while doing what you love. Build a “home away from home” atmosphere by incorporating familiarity and normalcy everywhere you go. Follow these tips on your next locum tenens assignment and it will be as though you never left home.

1. Familiar Faces

One of the easiest ways to make a hotel room your own is bringing small mementos that remind you of home, like pictures of loved ones, a special charm, or small figurine. Recalling warm memories can not only help relieve stress but can also make sleep easier.

2. Unpack, Unwind

Nothing serves as more of a reminder you’re away from home than living out of a suitcase. Unpacking your suitcase upon arrival is another simple way to help you feel settled into your new, temporary “home away from home”.

3. Stop and Smell the Roses

Having a room simply smell like home can make it seem fresher, homier, and help you sleep easier. Light a candle or spray your favorite perfume or room spray to create a comforting oasis. Take it a step further by purchasing a fragrant bouquet of your favorite flowers to cheer up the room and make it your own.

4. BYOP (Bring Your Own Pillow)

This small act can be crucial to getting a good night’s rest, which is so important for locum tenens providers. Creating a comforting sense of familiarity can help you relax after a long day and ultimately ease you into your stay.

5. You’ve Got A Friend In Me

Something that is often overlooked, but can make your trip a little easier is learning the names of hotel staff. By building a rapport with hotel employees, they are more likely to be friendlier and treat you better. By making you feel less like a guest and more at home, these little friendships can make a great deal of difference.

6. A Little Home Improvement Never Hurt Anyone

People are often hesitant, but shouldn’t be when it comes to rearranging furniture during a hotel stay. Constantly running into that annoying coffee table? Move it. Little improvements can make a big impact in creating a personalized space.

7. You Are What You Eat

Bringing healthy snacks and other provisions can also make you feel at home. Unwind with your favorite cup of tea or snack on your go-to munchies. Buying some of your own food and bringing things you would normally eat at home can give you a sense of normalcy. It also means you have the choice to curl up after a long day and not have to worry about ordering room service or venturing out for your meal.

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