Old And Wise: We Still Want You – Locum Tenens

Old And Wise: We Still Want You – Locum Tenens

As technology has significantly advanced in the last decade, there has been a dramatic bump in the aging population.  Some researchers believe that one out of three United States residents will live to be over 100 years old.  But, technology and medical research has made the quality of life for the old and wise incredible.  Furthermore, most of our population is working well past the traditional retirement age of 65 years old.

So, as the general population changes, isn’t it safe to say that the physician population is generally older as well?  According to the American Medical Association Master File, 42.3% of physicians (approximately 294,945) are 55 and older. If you’re not looking to fill locums opportunities with an older physician, you’re limiting your pool of candidates and losing out on passionate, experienced physicians who can still supply the necessary care to patients.

A study by the Physician Foundation found that 45.5% of the physicians over the age of 55 (approximately 134,200 physicians) would continue practicing medicine at their same level over the next 3 years. With the continued shortage of physicians, it’s wonderful that these doctors are able and willing to continue working.

Many facilities and physicians are saying “65 is the new 50”.

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