Paradoxical Answer To The Physician Work-Life Balance Struggle

Paradoxical Answer To The Physician Work-Life Balance Struggle

Recent findings suggest a paradoxical answer to the physician work-life balance struggle.  Physicians work long weeks, often more than double a normal 40-hour work week.  Accordingly, it would come as no surprise that when a shift ends, a physician is anxiously awaiting the chance to go home. Conversely, if just a few minutes more were spent easing patient concerns, the physician might actually gain more time away from the constraints of the hospital and rounds.

A physician presented scientific evidence relating anxiety and stress to surgical outcomes. A skin incision takes twice as long to heal in stressed subjects. Moreover, stressed and fearful subjects are three times as likely to succumb to infection.   What this signifies for physicians: you may unknowingly create more work for yourself when you ignore the emotional well-being of a patient.

Another suggestion, let patients know you’re there for them.  In what many physicians would define as an outrageous move, Dr. Stephen Beeson gives out his personal phone number to his patients.  It serves as a patient security blanket and he has found that his phone rarely rings unless a patient has a dire emergency.

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