Perks and Challenges Of Working Locums

Perks and Challenges Of Working Locums

Physicians or advanced practitioners who choose locums as a career path can range from those just out of residency, to seasoned clinicians who are about to retire, to adventure-seekers who simply enjoy travel and change of scenery.

For those who work locum tenens exclusively, the list of perks is endless. You have the pleasure of getting to go home and relax after a long shift without worrying about workplace politics or administrative duties that you normally would with a private practice.

You also don’t have to worry about making payroll and facing other business pressures as your pay will be secured by a contract between you, your locum tenens company, and the facility and is often bi-weekly, if not weekly.

A more practical benefit of locum tenens is the additional income you'll earn to help with personal or family needs as locum tenens assignments pay well and can serve as a job between jobs.

However, just like with most things, locum tenens work can come with a few drawbacks.

Frequent  travel can be physically taxing and, if excessive, can have a negative effect on family life. Credentialing can also be time-consuming, and familiarizing yourself with a new facility's protocol and IT system can be tricky.

Like with any big decision, it is important to first decide why you want to make the change to locums; then decide if the perks outweigh the challenges depending on your situation.

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