Bring Your Pet With You On Your Next Locums Assignment!

Bring Your Pet With You On Your Next Locums Assignment!

A locum tenens assignment can sometimes be lonely if you are practicing out of state away from family members, friends, and colleagues. So a furry tail, friendly paw shake, or scaly critter may be exactly what you need to put a smile on your face after a long, rigorous day dealing with patients and paperwork.

Did you know that you can relish the traveling lifestyle with your pet? Whether you are traveling with a dog, rabbit, cat, or lizard, follow these guidelines to make you and your companion’s travel as easy and safe as possible.

Find a pet-friendly agency.

Pet-friendly agencies know the ins and outs of pet-friendly accommodations, transportation, discounts, and resources. Talk to your recruiter about your needs and what kind of animal you are bringing along with you.

Think about the size of your pet.

Although many hotels, apartments, and extended housing facilities are pet-friendly, many have policies and size restrictions for animals. You will be limited in terms of housing locations and amenities.

Consider companion travel costs.

Your staffing agency will help find the perfect travel accommodations for you and your friend. But, keep in mind the cost of a seat for your pet. Airlines tend to have pricey fees for cabin and cargo boarding.

Make your pet feel at home.

Pets undergo stress just as easily at people. But, there are ways you can reduce travel impact on your furry friend. Always bring your pet’s bedding, toys, and food that they associate with home. Create a routine for your pet like eating and walking schedules. Lastly, don’t forget to find a local vet for peace of mind!

Practice pet etiquette always.

Pick up waste, abide leash laws, and be aware of other peoples’ space!

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