A Pink Bag and a Physician’s Journey Through Medicine

A Pink Bag and a Physician’s Journey Through Medicine

Many physicians have a sacred piece that they keep with them always - whether it's a personalized white coat, a swanky stethoscope, or a special "on call" bag.

After graduating medical school, Dr. Ashley Sumrall had no idea where the pink bag gifted to her by her parents would take her. A change in specialty, countless overnights, several trips to different cities, and numerous on-calls, this physician's pink bag went through it all with her. What once helped her stand in out a crowd of blacks, blues, and grays, soon became an important part of her identity as a physician.

Following marriage and children, the pink bag began to take on a new meaning and significance in her life. Nonetheless, this significant piece of Dr. Sumrall still stirs up memories each time it's brought out and used from time to time.

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