Reasons To Choose Locum Tenens As a Career

Reasons To Choose Locum Tenens As a Career

By: Troy Diffenderfer

It’s no secret that the country is in need of physicians. As the population continues to grow, more and more people will be looking for medical care and that will cause a growing need for competent medical professionals. Many medical professionals will choose locum tenens as a career for a variety of reasons. From the ability to travel and explore the world, to padding a resume in hopes of pursuing residency somewhere else, a locum tenens career can open an endless amount of doors, so don’t hesitate to make the leap. Still not convinced? Below are just a few of the many reasons that many choose locum tenens as a career.

Reasons To Choose Locum Tenens


One of the biggest reasons that many healthcare professionals choose locum tenens as a career is the fact that they can make their own schedule and travel when and where they want to.  If you want to take a few weeks off to spend time with family or are finally ready to take that five-week European vacation, you can make it happen. Choosing locum tenens as a career provides great work/life balance and ensures you control of your career. Do you like the idea, but aren’t interested in spending too much time away from your home? There are options that accommodate those desires. Many agencies offer short-term engagements; you can travel to a new place for as little as a few days. If you have other passions like writing or sightseeing, a locum tenens career could be the perfect chance to pursue your other passions while making a stellar income.


What’s better than getting to explore the country while still helping others get back to health? A locum tenens will give the option to travel pretty much anywhere in the country and, in many cases, outside of the country. You can browse jobs in all 50 states and choose to work in a region that you’ve always wanted to explore. While you will be hard at work in your new location, you can be a tourist on your days off and cross sights off your bucket list before heading to your next assignment. When you choose locum tenens as a career, you’ll be given the chance to travel to a variety of different places, so what better way to cure your wanderlust?

Grow Your Network

Another reason that many will choose a locum tenens career is the ability to network with other healthcare professionals. By working temporary staffing assignments, it doesn't take long to collect much-needed clinical experience while simultaneously sharpening the skills you need to further your career. It’s important to create a positive impression in the short amount of time that you have. With a locum tenens career, you’ll often be working in a wing or specialty that you’re not used to, so it’s a great way to create bonds with mentors and coworkers, and even gain potential references for future jobs.

Some Expenses Are Covered

One of the best perks of becoming a locum tenens is that many travel healthcare recruiting companies will actually pay for some expenses like travel costs and housing. Without the expense of a mortgage every month, it's much easier to work to knock out those student loans or plan that next vacation abroad.

Test Out a Potential Permanent Assignment

Have you ever taken a job, only to start and find it wasn’t what you expected? Locum tenens gives you the chance to test drive a potential job and see how it really is before making a permanent commitment. You may find that your dream job was out there, just not where you thought it would be. Taking a locum tenens job will allow you to dip your toe in a variety of different jobs that could lead to a rewarding and permanent career in the location of your dreams.


About the Author: Troy Diffenderfer has been working with healthcare professionals and covering the healthcare industry for many years now. He's written for the likes of and among other healthcare websites. In his free time he enjoys reading, writing, and watching horror movies.

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