Social Media And The Dissemination Of Medical Knowledge

Social Media And The Dissemination Of Medical Knowledge

Despite the medical field being one of the most technologically advanced professional fields, it lags considerably and is largely ineffective when it comes to social media and the dissemination of medical knowledge.

It is no surprise that physicians are influenced by thought-leaders and peer groups with whom they work. Typically, the medical knowledge pattern begins with key opinion leaders, then spreads to community physicians and then to other physicians with social ties to the community. This model is reinforced by the current training that emphasizes the knowledge and value of thought-leaders and the practice habits of local communities.

However, through the emergence of healthcare-specific social and professional networks – this way of disseminating medical knowledge has the potential to change the way physicians interact and ultimately distribute medical knowledge. These physician-based online platforms are in the early stages of development, yet early trends already suggest a shift away from these locally based relationships to digital media.

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