Why Patients NEED To Stop Looking To The Web For Medical Advice

Why Patients NEED To Stop Looking To The Web For Medical Advice

Members of the American Osteopathic Association’s (AOA) are endorsing the message that should force patients to be slightly more cautious when downloading and following health apps.

Patients can fall victim to the dangers of relying solely on medical websites or mobile apps to self-diagnose illness or injury. Patients should be aware that despite the incredible capabilities of the internet, it is never wise to solely consult medical websites for medical diagnosis.  Physicians are obviously capable of providing a more in-depth look at the patients records, family history and what an accurate treatment or line of treatment may be for that particular patient.  Furthermore, while these websites are wonderful for enhancing treatment, they in no way provide a replacement for a trip to see your doctor.

With people spending an average of 52 hours per year researching health information, it seems that this trend could become worse in the future.  What may serve as an interesting solution is the implementation of telehealth technology.  Telehealth provides the benefit of true physician care; however, it does so in a convenient and comfortable setting for patients and physicians alike.

The idea of long wait times can also keep patients away from their local hospital, urgent care or primary care facility.  Wait times and physician work load can be lowered by hiring locum tenens physicians.  This will provide patients with a better experience when receiving healthcare and could convince them to once again consult their doctor instead of the Internet

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